Kris McCann Photography

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I have been lucky enough to have the lovely Kris from Kris McCann photography capturing some of my products over the last few months and I have to say WOW!

Kris contacted me and expressed an interest shooting Flirty Bird and I am really glad that I said YES!

This was supposed to be a simple photo shoot with her beautiful daughters and it turned into so much more. Kris has gone above and beyond what I ever expected and I am very happy to share some of the photos here.

Pop over and see Kris at her Facebook page or website and see what she is up to...

Thank you to all the beautiful models that participated in the shoots. I have never seen such a beautiful bunch of girls!!

Thanks Kris for all your effort and time, it is greatly appreciated :)

The Great Kids Fashion Hunt

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Flirty Bird will be participating in the Kids Fashion Review Great Kids Fashion Hunt starting November 1st!!

Check out the Kids Fashion Review Website for more details on this free event. It is well worth joining in for this fun never know what prizes you will come away with!

Christmas Is Coming!

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Can you believe that it is October already!

 Time flies when you are having fun and here at Flirty Bird we have had lots of fun reducing pages and pages of stock to help you fill your stockings easier this year!

Get in quick to take advantage of these great bargains before they are gone...

Find it all here

What Have I Done?

Scarlett hates modelling for Flirty Bird.

She usually does it because she is a total chocoholic and knows that there will be a treat at the end.

However the choc ain't cutting it lately.

She gave me the hand on the weekend when trying to take a photo - not even a product shot!

She put it up and hid her eyes behind it!

The question is will I ever get her to sit for another photo after this.....

Birthday Winner

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I know this is a little late but I actually got the kids to draw a winner out of the hat on Monday (well Fletcher picked the winner because he never gets to help mummy with the photos for the website but the regular  model didn't like her job being taken from her so we had to set her up for a dummy go too!)

Congratulations to Roxanne McInnes!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the birthday month fun.

Roxanne please contact me with your address so I can get your prize out to you.

Newborn Range Coming Soon!

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I should really have my needle and thread out and finish off the newborn range so I can get it onto the site but I couldn't wait to show you these pictures anymore so I am writing this instead!

Renee at NFE DESIGN has been lovely enough to shoot some of the newborn headbands that will be available very soon in the shop or through our lovely stockists!

 I am in love with these photos - sleeping babies have to be one of the most beautiful things on this planet and even better when sleeping in one of my headbands!

How cute is Hannah? A Cutie Patootie that is for sure. Makes me think that the months of being big and fat or in my case HUGE would be all worth it again to have a little bundle like that to cuddle again.

Check out these....

While you are visiting Renee's website, pop by her second site that is just as great as the first...

Vote Flirty Bird - Accessory of the year 2010


I have been lucky enough to be nominated for the Kids Fashion Review 2010 Style Awards 

I feel very lucky just to be nominated alongside some great accessory brands like Princess Ratbag and Huggalugs. I never thought that you would hear brands like this and Flirty Bird together!!

Voting starts officially today and runs for 2 weeks.

If you feel that Flirty Bird deserves to win this title I would so appreciate your vote.

Every vote goes into the draw to win various prizes worth over $10,000.00

Pamper Party - Custom Order

I just had to share these....

These are for a 5 year old's birthday pamper party, how beautiful are they??

All the girls will get their nails done, probably chat away about who kissed who in the last game of Catch and Kiss in the playground and when they are filled to the brim with desserts and lollies and cannot be pampered another minute each girl will waive goodbye and take a little bag each, containing treats including these as well as two sets of matching clips.

This little girl has such a beautiful mum, don't you think?

In my opinion we should never stop having parties filled with games and lolly bags, and I wouldn't mind a game of catch and kiss either, these days I would just be just a little more selective who I play with -Colin Firth, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton and Jacob - just for the twilight fans.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Who Wants My Birthday Present?

I have put together a little birthday present to giveaway to a great Flirty Bird supporter!

Is that you?

I have a heap of goodies that any little angel would love to wear.

Worth over $100.00 this giveaway is not to be missed!

It includes a heart clip, bobbie pins, ribbon headbands (many of which are one of a kind), a necklace, ponytail holders, a double pony holder and more!

This competition is open to Australian and New Zealand Residents only. International entries welcome if they can have the prize shipped to a relative or friend within Australia or New Zealand.

SUITCASE IS A PROP ONLY. It is not included in the prize.

All you need to do is one of two things........Do both - get two entries!

Leave a birthday greeting for Flirty Bird via a comment below and/or leave a birthday greeting for Flirty Bird on the Facebook Discussion Page.

So easy it's child's play!

Good luck entries close last day of  July!!

Major Birthday Competition

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Over the month of July I hope to have lots of giveaway's and fun things happening to celebrate the successful two years of Flirty bird and the fun times I have had! 

Scarlett, her first modelling job for Flirty Bird.

I thought I would start this one a little earlier because I am so excited about it.

It is our biggest giveaway yet and not to be repeated very often. 

It is so simple to enter and the prize is HUGE!

When we hit 2000 facebook 'likers' we will be giving one very lucky Flirty Bird Supporter $30.00 per calender month* to spend @ the shop for 6 months. That is a total of $180.00 worth of hair accessories.

All you need to do is keep an eye on the facebook page, once it hits 2000 likers, the first person to tell me via email ( will win.... too easy. 

Scarlett, 2 years on, beautiful as ever - many, many photo session's later!

* Each $30.00 has to be spent within the calender month, you cannot accrue coupons and spend them altogether. If you do not spend the money between the first and last day of that month it will be forfeited. Excludes Gift and Accessory cases.Competition will expire on the 30th July 2010 if we do not have 2000 likers (not friends - likers alone) the prize will be forfeited.

Birthday Birdy

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We are having a birthday next month.......

Even though we started back in Feb of 2008 the official launch as a business happened in July so we will celebrate each year at this time.

I was too busy last year to celebrate and it slipped on by and even though things haven't changed and I am still busy as ever I am not letting this one get away!!

Who is ready for a partee??

Loving This Too!

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Some of you may have seen Pretty Penny a while back when she was a little bubba right here on this blog. Well Pretty Little Penny has been wearing Flirty Bird since she was a little girl and it has been lovely to watch her grow and change with every photo. I love this so much that I wanted to share. Penny in my Alana Clip.

I have had the pleasure to get to know Veronica (Penny's mummy) via emails for a while now and have had the pleasure to hear about her creationof the The Paper Sweet (Grand Opening July 2010) Make sure that you swing by her blog ready for the opening because I have a feeling that this will be one of those blogs that will have you captivated with words and pictures for hours on end. I am very excited as I have seen Veronica's cards first hand and they are brilliant.

Thanks Veronica and Penny for sharing again!

Lovin' It

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Occasionally I love a photo that I take, this is one of them. Big eyed girl....

New Shapes

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Very happy to announce that we have new shapes in the shop. We still have our rounds that we have been carrying for the last two years but have added stars, hearts, square and my favourite, bow shapes to the store. There will be a few more shapes to come but I will keep them up my sleeve for the moment!

The shop has had a complete overhaul with lots of new things coming in the next week or so....It is really worth stopping by to see all the new pretty accessories on offer!

Never Give Up

Well I don't normally post too much personal stuff on here anymore, I just don't get the time. I would love to post daily and have interesting things like recipes, cake decorating, kids stuff and much more but it is either create accessories or blog and getting the needle and thread out seems to always win.

 But I just had to take the time share this one because it really made my day.....

I had a really tough week last week. So much so that I was ready to walk away from it all. I started making hair accessories for fun and never thought of creating a business from it - it sort of picked me instead of the other way around. It has been a really great experience for me and I have learnt so much about photography, computers, importing, accounting etc etc (must say that I still don't get twitter though!) that I would never have learnt otherwise.

Anyway, with every good side there is always (well most of the time)a bad side and I really felt that bad side last week. While getting my son's brekkie for him I was pondering the thought of stepping away from Flirty Bird and from nowhere this little voice said "Mum, you never give up".

That was my son, who, of course, had no idea what I was thinking he simply was telling me what he learnt at Karate the day before and I simply said " No Matey, you never give up" and with that the decision made to keep going and Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

A silly story really, but funny how as a parent you teach your children so many things and most the time we forget that they teach us some of the most important things in life along the way.

Tuesday Winner

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Very happy to announce the winner of the Tuesday Giveaway....Thanks to those that entered.

The winner this week is Candice.


Please email me your address and I will have it out to you in a jiffy.

(minus my comments)

Tuesday Giveaway

Another little giveaway for some fun!

On offer this week is a ring, pair of clips, bobby pin and I might add something else in with the ring as it looks a little bare....will see if something fits in there! Of course it will be packaged pretty if someone would like to give it as a gift - just easier to show you without stickers etc on it!

All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me something you like about Flirty Bird and something that could be improved....Remember I need to contact you if you win so make sure I know who you are or check back!

Drawn next Tuesday.....

Don't forget 10 headbands are up for giveaway here

Humpty Dumpty Garden Party- UPDATE

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I am very happy to announce that Leah raised a brilliant $4500.00 for the Humpty Dumpty foundation during her garden party held on the 6th June.

For photos of the event click here (keep an eye out for the red poppy headband in the last photo that was one of the items I donated, not available on the site 'cause I made it just for the day!)

If you would like more information on how you can help this great cause click here.

I can't wait to hear how the climb goes in November!

Giveaway Thursday Winner

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We have a winner for the one of a kind headband and extra goodies. We got our winner from because it is so much quicker than putting all the names in a hat and taking photos while the kids picked one out - they would have had a fight about who would have done it too so it was just too hard for a Tuesday night!

I simply added the numbers 1 to 18 (number of comments for the contest) and gave me a number.

So congratulations to comment number one :

Renee Potter!

Please email me your address.


Giveaway Thursday!

Giveaway Tuesday Thursday is here. I know I need to get my act together and I really want to promise that there will be another one on Tuesday but.... I won't promise however I will really really try to get it back to schedule. 

Here is a short comp in the meantime. 

Drawn Tuesday 8 June 2010. Entries close 8pm EST Monday night.

I have made a one of a kind felt headband for this little giveaway. The headband stretches up to adult size. (Scarlett at 2.5yrs can wear them and me at uh um years with a big head can wear them comfortably too). They are really soft.

Also added into this prize is a bunch of samples that I received from a great supply company that was lovely to send me some inspiration with my order. I have kept a few for Scarlett but think that I should share just as my mum always taught me. Although not Flirty Bird  - best hair accessories in the world ;) - I am sure that any little girl would have a great time picking out her favourites.

To enter you need to make sure that you are a fan on facebook and leave a comment below telling me who will be wearing the OOAK headband if they win.

I know that some people don't like commenting on blogs so I am happy to accept emails as well as long as you are a fan on facebook also.

Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted so make sure I have someway of reaching you or check back for the winner!

Don't forget to stop by here for another giveaway


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Another new felt headband has been added to the site today, again in limited numbers. I have really been enjoying felt lately and it would have to be my favourite medium at the moment. I love the versatility and that the only thing that limits it is my own imagination. I have so many new ideas, I just need to find the time to put them all into practise!

There will also be three new fabric bows added sometime tonight. They are so great for thin hair as they are attached via a small french barrette. You will see from the photos that they held well even in Scarlett's thin hair!

New Products in store...

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There are about 7 new felt designs in store......... take a look see here.

The Flirty Bird Model...

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'bout time I showed the real Scarlett.....she loves nothing more than being dirty, wearing no shoes and being a tom boy most of the time. The only time she ever looks together is for my photos...

Everyday Hero: Humptys Hike-Mt Kosciuszko

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Everyday Hero: Humptys Hike-Mt Kosciuszko: In November Leah Rigney will join 100 women and climb Mt Kosciusko to raise money for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

Humpty is a small charity doing BIG things and your help will ensure kids here in Australia and in East Timor have access to life-saving medical equipment.
Flirty Bird is very proud to be supporting Leah with a donation of goodies for a Humpty Dumpty Garden Party, to be held on June 5th.
To find out more about this great cause and how you can donate please visit Leah's page. She has raised $1350.00 so far but I know there will be lots of people wanting to help this great cause for the kids that need it so much.

New Elastics, New products, New Store!!!

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We have a new shipment of elastics from a new supplier! We have always been happy with our elastics but after sampling these we just had to order them, they come in four sizes, small thin, small thick, standard thin and standard thick and come in great colours, have great stretch and are all round great!! We have been using the small thick for sometime now and the great feedback from them we decided to use them for all sizes. With the shipment in, I have now added a sizing reference chart to each ponytail holder listing to make is easier to pick which elastic is easier for you.

We also have Lots and Lots of new products popping up in store however this is just the start. We have 4 huge boxes to pick up tomorrow which includes some great new supplies for me to work my magic with! I am very excited to add the new products and hopefully Friday will be able to share some new goodies!

We also have opened up a sister store, Hair Heaven, aimed at teenagers to adults. At them moment they are manufactured accessories at great prices however like the poppies in store now there will be lots handmade items uploaded over the next few months to give you the best of both worlds. We hope you like the new store and any feedback or requests for products are very welcome!

Australian Customers if you purchase from Hair Heaven and Flirty Bird at the same time your shipping will be waived and it will be on us as a thank you!

We have a winner!

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Thank you to all who entered the Tuesday Giveaway. We had just over 50 entries via blog comments and emails, which is great! Giveaway Tuesday will be around more often as it has been so much fun!
I am happy to say that we have a winner of the gift case.
Congratulations Lena.
Please email with your address details!

Giveaway Tuesday!

I am celebrating! I have finally had a day to create some new products from supplies that I have had for ages. I have had a great day, even though my studio looks like a bomb has hit it! To celebrate the new products which will be available soon I have made a little gift to giveaway. There is no requirements or questions to enter. Simply leave a comment below or email me to go in the draw to win this - - -

7 standard elastic ponytail holders in a little gift case

Prize will be drawn next Tuesday!