Never Give Up

Well I don't normally post too much personal stuff on here anymore, I just don't get the time. I would love to post daily and have interesting things like recipes, cake decorating, kids stuff and much more but it is either create accessories or blog and getting the needle and thread out seems to always win.

 But I just had to take the time share this one because it really made my day.....

I had a really tough week last week. So much so that I was ready to walk away from it all. I started making hair accessories for fun and never thought of creating a business from it - it sort of picked me instead of the other way around. It has been a really great experience for me and I have learnt so much about photography, computers, importing, accounting etc etc (must say that I still don't get twitter though!) that I would never have learnt otherwise.

Anyway, with every good side there is always (well most of the time)a bad side and I really felt that bad side last week. While getting my son's brekkie for him I was pondering the thought of stepping away from Flirty Bird and from nowhere this little voice said "Mum, you never give up".

That was my son, who, of course, had no idea what I was thinking he simply was telling me what he learnt at Karate the day before and I simply said " No Matey, you never give up" and with that the decision made to keep going and Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

A silly story really, but funny how as a parent you teach your children so many things and most the time we forget that they teach us some of the most important things in life along the way.


Style Me Gorgeous said...

ohhh bless his little heart ! ...he is so right Michelle. Your products are gorgeous, you should be very proud...go girl ! (hugs) xoxo


Thank you very much for the kind words, Sarah. I love that you like my work because you are such a stylish woman!

Michelle XO

Bec Watts | Yummy Mummies said...

it's such a tough role to play, juggling a home based business and a family and a life. funny though that you got sent a 'sign', not to give up! at the most perfect time you needed to hear it! xx

Anonymous said...

'the greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground'... your little boy is right michelle - flirty bird is fabulous! and your not really a nut :) - just a sweet little quote i once heard. veronica.xo.


Thanks Bec and Veronica,

It is not so much the business side of things, my customers are fantastic, I love making accessories and would never get sick of it, I even love the paperwork etc, it was just the things that are not so nice when you own a business and it is out of my control :(. But on we go this week and very excited about some new things coming soon!

Thanks so much for your kind words of support. That is a big upside - the lovely people you 'meet' along the way!