Tuesday Giveaway

Another little giveaway for some fun!

On offer this week is a ring, pair of clips, bobby pin and I might add something else in with the ring as it looks a little bare....will see if something fits in there! Of course it will be packaged pretty if someone would like to give it as a gift - just easier to show you without stickers etc on it!

All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me something you like about Flirty Bird and something that could be improved....Remember I need to contact you if you win so make sure I know who you are or check back!

Drawn next Tuesday.....

Don't forget 10 headbands are up for giveaway here


Roxanne said...

I love the originality of your products,your round the bend clips are amazing & something I haven't seen elsewhere!All your pieces are beautiful & its plain to see you take the utmost care whilst making them.
I cant think of anything you could improve but I guess thats becase your already doing everything right : )

kiwisara said...

I love your branding, your name and of course your products. One suggestion is a link from your website to your blog. I see the twitter and FB links, but if the blog link is there I'm not smart enough to find it :-)


Thanks for entering! and your lovely words.

Kiwisara = the blog link in on the main homepage bottom right hand corner. "Read our blog" might might be confusing because it is not with the others

Good luck girls :)

Candice said...

Lovely giveaway!
I love that you have such a great range of snap clips and headbands. One suggestion could be to have a sub heading for clips eg Snap Clips, Ribbon Pretty & Felt clips.

MJ said...

Something I like - just one? I love that the clips (and hair ties, and head bands) are cute, quirky and not the same sort of thing that EVERY little girl has - but something that every little girl wants <3
Something that could be improved.. I really want a better explanation of what trash ties are!!! They look practical and clever, but I don't get what they actually are... that could just be me though haha
maryjane_lyng@hotmail.com (just in case!)

Bec said...

I also love the branding, the shopfront is exquisite!

What could be improved? mmm nothing except with everything so beautiful it's hard to choose!

Bec said...

I also love your branding..the shopfront is exquisite.

What could be improved? mmm nothing except everything is so beautiful it makes choosing so difficult!


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