Mini Lala Photo Update

Carli of Mini La La was nice enough to send me some more photo's of Ivie and her brother Nick (yes he loves Flirty Bird too!) wearing their new accessories, I just had to share some of them as they are so cute!

I am sure Nick will appreciate this when it is blown up for his 21st Birthday!

This is my favourite... such a cutie

Scarlett is Gorjuss

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I have had the pleasure of photographing Scarlett over the last week for a new brand range of infant girls clothing. Gorjuss thinks Scarlett is cute enough to represent their label and how could I say no to such beautiful designs!
How exciting and fun it has all been......
I am not a professional photographer, actually very far from it, but I am very pleased with what I have achieved. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Mini La La

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Last week I received an order from the lovely Carli at Mini La La. I love getting orders from other creative people and Carli is CREATIVE! She makes beautiful nappies from designer fabrics and they are to die for! If you are interested in using cloth nappies take a look and sign up for her newsletter as these are the nicest reusable nappies I have seen...EVER.

I had the pleasure of making her daughter Ivie some headbands and ponytail holders. Carli was nice enough to send me a photo of her super cutie wearing my blue circle ponies... isn't she delightful?

I plan on stopping by Mini La La myself to pick up one of the beautiful handmade dolls that Carli has for sale in her store. They are lovely and Scarlett just has to have one. They are all one of a kind and once adopted you will not see that doll again. How lovely is that!

The big question I have now is why is my wish list full of children's items and will it ever have adult content again?

When the Boy is away the Girls will Play

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The other half is going on a fishing trip with his mates from work this weekend so I am going to have a movie night with a few of my favourite friends. I can't wait! We are going to cheat and order pizza but we are all bringing something sweet to eat afterwards (I think there will be a few pains in the belly that night!)
Normally I would cook my sweets but I have a wedding cake to make (I sometimes create wedding cakes for friends, a skill I learnt in my early 20's) this weekend for a friend that is getting married on Saturday so I am a little too busy.
Today I went down to the yummiest cake shop and bought us some special treats, aren't they too good to eat!?! I am very inspired to create now!

Bird Watching

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There is nothing like finding a bird in its natural habitat looking relaxed and at home. I myself have become a bit of a bird watcher....

I hopped over to the The Pouchmiss Website to see what the new design was like (If you are a new mum or dad and don't have one of these get there now it is the baby essential of our time!..The website explains it all!) only to find a beautiful bird front and centre. It was the Girly Girl Bird .......

The Girly Girl Bird is a popular bird and comes in two types of species, the bobbie bird and the clip bird. The Girly Girl bird roams in packs of three in colours of pink (seen here) aqua and purple. Found in large numbers here.

So I want to shout out a big Thank You to Ros who created the super essential Pouchmiss who thought that My little Bobby Pin was a worthy addition to promote her gorgeous product.

Drum Roll Please

I can finally unveil some of my photos! I am so happy with them and can't wait to get more!! I cannot thank Lee from Luvlee Photography enough for the great images and all her hard work, she has found a life long customer in Flirty Bird! I also want to thank all those that sent me clothes and shoes and to my super cute models that where so well behaved on the day!

As you may have seen and can see in the photo's I have now released new felt and ribbon accessories. I am working madly to get them all instore as quick as I can. I am so excited to be adding different accessories to Flirty Bird to keep it interesting for everyone. I hope that you all love them as much as I do.

Bella wears White Circle Ponytail Holder and *NEW* flower rings (found in gift ideas) and Little Diva Dress.

Olivia wears *NEW* watermelon hair clip and Scarlett's (My Daughter) dress.

Georgia wears white ribbon clip, *NEW* Flirty Bird flower rings and Scarlett's dress

Scarlett wears *NEW* heart felt clip and her own dress.
Watch this space for more photos coming soon!

Fun Friday

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Today we baked, we baked cakes, muffins and pikelets in star shapes. Fletcher loves to cook, he loves to put the cases in the tray, to mix the batter and pour the mixture...he doesn't like eating the finished product so much, not like his sister who has a sweet tooth, like her mum!
I love to bake, hate to cook but lurve to make sweet treats.

Have a great weekend everyone....


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The lovely ladies @ OUCH sent me a MASSIVE box full of great clothes to use for my photo shoot. One mum loved everything that I pulled out and was trying hard not to be tempted..I don't think it working! I am sure that her lovely Bella and Millie will be wearing OUCH very soon.
OUCH was launched in 2003 and I don't think I need to say too much about their great brand, their new collection just speaks for itself.....................

.....and because this blog is such a girlie zone I thought that I would feature the boys for a change! It's nice to see some males around the posts! Watch out girls look at these little heart breakers!

Monday Madness

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Today my babies are tired...and it is a typical Monday, full of madness as they struggle to get over a full weekend. That is why I call it Monday madness.....managed to get some good photo's through the tired tantrums!

Fletcher spent Saturday morning with his dad and they bought me home a sandwich for lunch, as we were eating Fletcher looked up at me and said "I missed you Mummy" - what a sweet heart, it made my weekend.

Clean Your Room

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Just wanted to post a few photo's of the latest order from My Messy Room as it contains some new rings that are yummy!

New favourite item in my shop cute flowers ring in blue...

get in quick, last time the rings hit My Messy Room they sold out in a day!

Little Diva

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Yet another lovely label that sent me clothes for my photo shoot. Little Diva has beautiful bright fabrics, and a flawless finish not to mention the very reasonable prices.

My favourite at the moment......

I love the bright colours and the matching buttons, too cute!

I was so excited that Christine had matching outfits to some of my accessories, so all you need to do is pop over to Little Diva for a dress then come back to Flirty Bird and match the hair accessories - Too easy!

One for Scarlett

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I started making hair accessories ultimately for Scarlett. It wasn't to create a business, it was more of a hobby - something to do when my 15month old and newborn where sleeping to just relax as I am not much of a day napper but needed to re-charge. It only turned into a business when lovely little children's boutiques and gift shops started contacting me that I had to think seriously about turning into something more.

Anyway, it was to fill Scarlett's accessory box with great hair accessories to match every outfit, these days she barely gets anything. I start a new design and think Scarlett will look great in this and then it sells out before I put any aside for her (What sort of a mother am I?)

But today I set aside a little bit of time for her. I had found a small piece of fabric that I bought many moons ago just for her and decided that she deserved a new trinket for her box.

Aren't they scrumptious? I think so! There are about 4 more that go with the set but I still need to make them up. I will post another photo when they are finished.

I quickly made these little beauties up too, they are a variation of what I have in the shop.

Too cute!

Mini Mermaid

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Shannon from Mini Mermaid sent me some lovely and colourful dresses for the photoshoot.

In Shannon's own words Mini Mermaid clothing is a kaleidoscope of colourful garments reflecting the bright personalities of our future....what I like, is that everything is handmade right here in Australia, like so many of the other brands that I received. When shopping for my two little one's.,it is brands like Shannon's that I look for, something that other children will not have so you don't see 5 of your children running around in the same playground.

Olivia, an olive skinned "mini" goddess with dark, soft curly hair modelled one of Shannon's dresses and from the sneak peak that I have seen it will be one of my favourite photo's. The yellow of Shannon's dress was lovely against the lovely olive skin.

I am sad that I have to return Shannon's dresses to her as the colours where lovely......oh well just another brand to add to the ever growing wish list. Maybe I should start playing lotto!

Thula Thula Parcel


Naomi of Thula Thula sent me a package of clothing for my photo shoot I was so excited to get it, but it turned out to be very BAD......not in the way that you are probably thinking!
It was bad because you shouldn't send nice clothes to a shopaholic - I couldn't help myself! I bought it for Scarlett and she won't even fit it for probably 6 months AT THE VERY LEAST! Georgia, one of my lovely little models - that you will meet when I launch the photo's - put the play suit on and stepped out in front of all the parents and everyone just oohed and ahhhed! There where lots of GREAT outfits that I could have bought on the day but it had to be this play suit because you don't come across this style very often......

worn here by the very cute Maddi, Naomi's daughter.

I was proud of myself that I only bought the one item (not to mention some shoes from CLS, but that is a different story - shoes don't count!!) as I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything no matter how much I loved it!

So here is a warning....if you are trying to save money don't visit the beautiful Thula Thula Store!

Little Bubble and Tree

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With all that was going on before the photo shoot I didn't get to write about all the great people that sent me products to make my photo's so wonderful.

Kelly from Little Bubble and Tree sent me some great clothing items to pick from, which happily fed my fabric obsession!

I could go on and on about how great her blog is, how lovely the clothes are and how cute her logo is - not to mention that Kelly herself is my kind of girl (She likes The Farmer Wants a Wife too!) But I really don't need to, visit her shop and you will fall in love just as I did!

Just Luvlee

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Last weekend I thought that I was pretty good to get this photo of my daughter, Scarlett.

Well I have just come back from my photo shoot with Lee from Luvlee Photography and I am now disappointed with my skills (or lack of!)

I cannot wait to launch the photo's along with a new range of accessories - they are just divine! Stay tuned for the launch of the Luvlee photo's!

Handmade Kids

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Gemma from Handmade kids has written some lovely words on my products and website, you can read them here. If you have a passion for handmade or like to buy products that are a little different from your franchise store, this delightful blog is for you. My personal favourite is Fabulous Friday Finds where there are a few different designers featured each Friday. I warn you though once you go you might not leave in a hurry! Have fun.....

My Child

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Check out page 82 of the latest issue of My Child magazine for a mention of Flirty Bird Accessories - look for the Apple Delicious ponytail holders!

Say Cheese

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The time has come for a professional photo shoot to do my products justice!

I have come along way from my first photo (below). Look at the drab background, terrible placement, need I go on?

I have slowly learnt how to make my photos look more appealing but feel that I need some professional photos to help with my image. I have called on a Luvlee professional to help Flirty Bird with some environmental images.

I have been busily gathering all the necessary props, backdrops and clothing for the big day and thought I would post a little sneak peek!
The first items to arrive where fabric backdrops, I love them all so much and even though stressful it was fun to buy fabric with big prints for a change! There are still a few more to come, can't wait!

The second Parcel to come was a big bundle of the cutest shoes from cheeky little soles.

Lisa has to be one of the nicest people I have come across, even though I have never met her in person she oozes niceness from her written word. She was kind enough to offer me some of her shoes for my lovely little models to wear! Drop into her shop to see the full range (winter shoes due to be launched soon) tell her Flirty Bird sent you!

Watch out Indonesia!

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I am so excited, it seems that flirty bird is feeling fit and healthy and is flying all over the world these days! First it was Dubai then New Zealand and now we are set to fly into Indonesia with a new company Mini-Me Baby, based in Sydney Mini-Me baby is taking Australian labels to children's boutiques in Indonesia. Today I am posting off headbands, toddler headbands, ponytail holders and clips. I hope Indonesia loves them as much as Australia has!