One for Scarlett

I started making hair accessories ultimately for Scarlett. It wasn't to create a business, it was more of a hobby - something to do when my 15month old and newborn where sleeping to just relax as I am not much of a day napper but needed to re-charge. It only turned into a business when lovely little children's boutiques and gift shops started contacting me that I had to think seriously about turning into something more.

Anyway, it was to fill Scarlett's accessory box with great hair accessories to match every outfit, these days she barely gets anything. I start a new design and think Scarlett will look great in this and then it sells out before I put any aside for her (What sort of a mother am I?)

But today I set aside a little bit of time for her. I had found a small piece of fabric that I bought many moons ago just for her and decided that she deserved a new trinket for her box.

Aren't they scrumptious? I think so! There are about 4 more that go with the set but I still need to make them up. I will post another photo when they are finished.

I quickly made these little beauties up too, they are a variation of what I have in the shop.

Too cute!

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