Mini La La

Last week I received an order from the lovely Carli at Mini La La. I love getting orders from other creative people and Carli is CREATIVE! She makes beautiful nappies from designer fabrics and they are to die for! If you are interested in using cloth nappies take a look and sign up for her newsletter as these are the nicest reusable nappies I have seen...EVER.

I had the pleasure of making her daughter Ivie some headbands and ponytail holders. Carli was nice enough to send me a photo of her super cutie wearing my blue circle ponies... isn't she delightful?

I plan on stopping by Mini La La myself to pick up one of the beautiful handmade dolls that Carli has for sale in her store. They are lovely and Scarlett just has to have one. They are all one of a kind and once adopted you will not see that doll again. How lovely is that!

The big question I have now is why is my wish list full of children's items and will it ever have adult content again?

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