Mini Mermaid

Shannon from Mini Mermaid sent me some lovely and colourful dresses for the photoshoot.

In Shannon's own words Mini Mermaid clothing is a kaleidoscope of colourful garments reflecting the bright personalities of our future....what I like, is that everything is handmade right here in Australia, like so many of the other brands that I received. When shopping for my two little one's.,it is brands like Shannon's that I look for, something that other children will not have so you don't see 5 of your children running around in the same playground.

Olivia, an olive skinned "mini" goddess with dark, soft curly hair modelled one of Shannon's dresses and from the sneak peak that I have seen it will be one of my favourite photo's. The yellow of Shannon's dress was lovely against the lovely olive skin.

I am sad that I have to return Shannon's dresses to her as the colours where lovely......oh well just another brand to add to the ever growing wish list. Maybe I should start playing lotto!

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