Alphabet Street

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I wanted to share with you all a great new website for children's activities and information around the Newcastle area.

Alphabet Street is a destination for all parents and carers, who wish to make their lives easier, when it comes to seeking local information about what's available for kids.
They endeavour to bring you the latest up to date information about rainy day venues, free activities, special and weekly events plus our daily editorial in ABC Daily featuring products, venues, businesses etc that are specific to children.

There is a lot to browse through with categories like - bits and bobs, activities, groups and support, health and fitness, maternity/postnatal, play and development, see and do and shopping.

If you aren't in the local area it is still worth a look as it will give you ideas on how to entertain your little ones when your imagination is slow and there are also some great competitions to enter.

Want a Sneak Peek of New Designs?

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I have been working on some new stock for when the new website launches....Scarlett has been very helpful with this, giving me a 5am start everyday so have acheived quite a lot this week even though I have had alot of other obligations.
If you want a peek click here and become a fan on facebook...a little giveaway will be announced on facebook shortly too!!

Positive Day

Life is funny sometimes,
I just emailed a friend and said that I thought that I need to start looking at life like the glass is half full and not half empty and then immediately after I hit send I came across this, I have to take it as a sign and participate and hopefully you all will too.....
I am thankful that I have two happy, healthy, lovely, delightful, adorable children.
I am thankful that I have a partner that works his but off to give his family everything that our hearts desire.
I am thankful that my poppy came home from hospital today.
I am thankful that I have many amazing friends that I couldn't live without - they are always there for me no matter what.
I am thankful for Flirty Bird and all the lovely retailers, customers, comments and challenges that I have come across along the way. I have learnt so much.
I am thankful that this weekend my best friends and I have going to eat, drink and be merry!
I am thankful for my mum and dad for helping me though this year, without them I would have been in a white jacket on the way to the hospital by now!
So now, it is up to you to spread the positive - not the negative, go on - go loud and spread the word!

Finally...Facebook Page

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Finally I have made the time to make a facebook page. I hope you all come and join the fan club so you can get special facebook deals and giveaway's....
See you there!

Goodie Giveaway


I have some very exciting news to announce...I am in the process of having a new state of the art website designed. I am very happy to finally have made the decision to upgrade to a great website full of great features to make shopping a breeze - stay tuned for a launch date due in a few months time.

To celebrate , I have decided to put together another giveaway.....

Simply publish a comment at the bottom of the post telling me what your favourite Flirty Bird item is from the current website before it disappears forever! (ensuring that I will be able to contact you if you are the lucky winner).

Once your comment is published you will go in the draw to win:

  • A pair of Pear Standard Ponytail Holders

  • A set of Flower Girl Bobby Pins

  • A pair of Cherry Snap Clips

  • A Yellow Chick Headband

  • A toddler Headband (choice of winner)

  • A pair of Red Passion Standard Ponytail Holder

  • A Felt Clip (choice of winner)

  • A pair Mushroom and Snail Standard Ponytail Holders

  • Packaged in a lovely Gingham Gift Case

I am happy to ship this prize worldwide so international readers feel free to enter too!

Drawn on the 2nd October 2009.

Remember to tell your friends to enter, that way if they win, you can pressure them to share with you!! - Good luck.

We Have a Winner!

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Congratulations goes out to one of my lovely followers, Faith Hope and a Whole Lotta Love! 3 boxes of trash ties will be on their way shortly!

Stay tuned for a new comp coming soon!