Thula Thula Parcel

Naomi of Thula Thula sent me a package of clothing for my photo shoot I was so excited to get it, but it turned out to be very BAD......not in the way that you are probably thinking!
It was bad because you shouldn't send nice clothes to a shopaholic - I couldn't help myself! I bought it for Scarlett and she won't even fit it for probably 6 months AT THE VERY LEAST! Georgia, one of my lovely little models - that you will meet when I launch the photo's - put the play suit on and stepped out in front of all the parents and everyone just oohed and ahhhed! There where lots of GREAT outfits that I could have bought on the day but it had to be this play suit because you don't come across this style very often......

worn here by the very cute Maddi, Naomi's daughter.

I was proud of myself that I only bought the one item (not to mention some shoes from CLS, but that is a different story - shoes don't count!!) as I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything no matter how much I loved it!

So here is a warning....if you are trying to save money don't visit the beautiful Thula Thula Store!


Chrisy said...

That's a great style..and a cute model..can see why you couldn't resist!

thula thula designer said...

thank you, this is such a nice write up. I'm looking forward to see the photos, they sound wonderful.