Pamper Party - Custom Order

I just had to share these....

These are for a 5 year old's birthday pamper party, how beautiful are they??

All the girls will get their nails done, probably chat away about who kissed who in the last game of Catch and Kiss in the playground and when they are filled to the brim with desserts and lollies and cannot be pampered another minute each girl will waive goodbye and take a little bag each, containing treats including these as well as two sets of matching clips.

This little girl has such a beautiful mum, don't you think?

In my opinion we should never stop having parties filled with games and lolly bags, and I wouldn't mind a game of catch and kiss either, these days I would just be just a little more selective who I play with -Colin Firth, Johnny Depp, Edward Norton and Jacob - just for the twilight fans.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

lucky little girls...what a lovely thought by her mum.
ps: can we add matt damon to the list :)


We sure can add him, good looking and has a brain in his head too!

Renee Bell said...

mmmm Jacob - I hope I catch him... Will just conveniently forget how young he is!!