Pretty Penny Makes Me Happy!

I l♥ve my business.

Since I started Flirty Bird people have asked me

'Are you working?'.

My immediate response, without thinking, is 'No, I am a stay at home mum'......

I have only got my head around the fact that I am not a full time mum and I am working mum - I just don't go out to work each day, I have the pleasure of working while my children are with me - I don't have to miss the funny things that they say and do.
I know one thing, I definitely work longer than those that travel to work each day, but it doesn't worry me one little bit, even on the days like today when I have been up all night filling orders and got 3.5 hours sleep before getting up and starting all over again.

I just love love love it and it is all because of super sweet little people like this that makes it so much fun.....

This is Penny, isn't she delightful?

(She doesn't need help with those gorgeous eyes and red cheeks but I am partial to red and spots so that just made me drool with delight! )

Little Penny is almost 10 months old and has a little Flirty Bird parcel of cute clip sets on its way, thanks to her sweet mum Veronica.

I love when mum's and dad's, grandma's and sisters take the time to show me the faces behind the orders, it really makes my day. I think I am going to start a little board in my studio with all these lovely photo's to inspire me.

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