Newborn Range Coming Soon!

I should really have my needle and thread out and finish off the newborn range so I can get it onto the site but I couldn't wait to show you these pictures anymore so I am writing this instead!

Renee at NFE DESIGN has been lovely enough to shoot some of the newborn headbands that will be available very soon in the shop or through our lovely stockists!

 I am in love with these photos - sleeping babies have to be one of the most beautiful things on this planet and even better when sleeping in one of my headbands!

How cute is Hannah? A Cutie Patootie that is for sure. Makes me think that the months of being big and fat or in my case HUGE would be all worth it again to have a little bundle like that to cuddle again.

Check out these....

While you are visiting Renee's website, pop by her second site that is just as great as the first...

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Renee Bell said...

Hannah is definetely a cutie :-) I am looking forward to photographing some more of the range - waiting for more baby girls!!