Hair Obsession

I thought that it was about time that I show why I was destined to create Flirty Bird..... I took a trip over to mum's house through the week and found some photo's of me as a child and young adult.....
That's me on the right - double bows! Too cute.
Another party, another ribbon.... side pony - still a big fan, just not up so high!
Ribbons for hanging around the house..... I should explain that my sister is on the right - she gave herself a few bad haircuts in her younger years which had to be fixed by the hairdresser - that explains the lack of bows on her head!
OK this is a little bit out of control... over the rocks fishing and I still manage to get a ribbon in!
(Swimmers handmade by mum!)
Just to show you the length of my hair for most of my life.
Even when handmade wasn't cool I was making (rather ugly) headbands on mums sewing machine...luckily I have improved a little!

In my early 20's just after I had my hair cut my hair is at my shoulders and to be truthful a little disheveled at most times! I am trying to grow it out and it is at its most awkward stage! Fingers crossed that I stick to it and can post long hair photos once again at the end of the year.....stay tuned.


kelly said...

Great photos. You haven't changed a bit!

Luvlee said...

LOVE IT!!! that reminds me, i have a feeling I have several photos very similar to this!!

Stephanie said...

and cute!

Love the one while fishing.