Lego Mania

Over my little break we decided to take the kids to the Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World, we didn't even think about the school holiday crowds and even if we did we could never have imagined what it would have been like when we got there. It was crazy - people where lined up along the whole wharf just to get tickets. It was all worth it though because there was a Lego display throughout both the buildings  was truly mind blowing....

This was huge, as you can see from the photo it was way over my head.

At the bottom of the horse three was a Lego pit for all the kids to let their imagination run wild.

Lego Room filled with Lego tables of all sizes

Most displays where about this size...

This was so big and amazing that I wasn't able to get it all. This almost reached the roof and was one of my favourites. At the bottom of him where waves, and an octopus.

This even made my partner "oooohhhh" with delight - and it takes a bit to get him excited!! It was truly an artwork. The picture at the back is flat and also made from Lego with the Lego sculpture in front.
I would recommend a trip to see it or keeping an eye out for it near you, the only think it missed was statistics like how long it took them and how many pieces where in each display. They did have videos that showed them doing it which was also great to see.

After all that Lego I dragged them all to the Fudge Shop in Sydney that I dream about all he time. Also worth the trip to find out that you can order online and get it sent in the mail. Coconut Ice Fudge will be the death of me!! Fudge lovers you will not be disappointed ....

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