Happy New Year

I am back and refreshed from a little New Year Break and knee deep in orders - which is a nice way to start the year! We have lots of new items coming as soon as I have been cleaning out the studio and have realised just how unorganised I am....I have just almost filled a 10 litre tub with products that I have made that have never made it to the website. Talk about crazy!

But before I begin another day of cleaning and order filling I thought I would share some of my Christmas photos.

We spent most of Christmas day away from the house this year (which I vow not to do again while the kids are little so they can enjoy their presents and soak it all up without having to worry about being somewhere or keeping people waiting) I didn't get many photos of the actual day but managed to get a few photos before a Boxing Day Breakfast that I had at my house.

 All labels provided by Style Me Gorgeous

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