Getting to know...

The basics of what a trash tie can do...

At the core of every TRASH TIE is a durable, heat tempered wire, which is made to be bent over and over. This wire is what puts the twist in Trash Ties.

Use Trash Ties as a headband or pony-wrap

Wrap a portion of hair tightly, like a ponytail, or pigtail.

Spiral the remainder of the tie down the length hair, leaving about 3-4” unwrapped.
Coil hair into a bun, or mini-rosette.
Stitch the Trash Tie end through the hair next to your head to “hook” the bun in place. Wrap tightly.

TRASH TIES will hold even the most heavy hair securely when wrapped tightly in place.

Many hair styles may be created where TRASH TIES won’t even show. To do so, select TRASH TIES that blend with your hair color.

With a drop of soap and a quick rinse, TRASH TIES are hand-washable.

When it’s time to let your hair down, un-fold your TRASH TIES instead of tugging them straight, to prevent kinks...

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wow. this is cool! I've seen these on Heather (Bailey)'s site.

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