Hip Hip Horray!

On Wednesday my little man turned 3 and it would have had to have been one of the best days. I couldn't have asked for a better day for him. He had been counting down from 7 sleeps and with one sleep to go he couldn't wait any longer, he was so excited.

The morning of his birthday he woke to find about 6 presents and just stood and looked at me like he was going to cry, he simply didn't know what to do until I said that he could open them. He loved them all giving them equal amounts of time and even sharing with his little sis.

He is worm mad so we got him a worm farm so he can feed them scraps and dig to find them (which he was very excited about), we set this up before we went off to a carnival that was in the area for school holidays. Both of them had so much fun dancing to the entertainment, chasing bubbles from fairies, getting their faces painted and riding in the wind up boats. They are the best of friends and it was great to spoil them and give them everything that their hearts desired for a day.
We came back from the carnival to pick up their great uncle from the train station then while I got everything ready for guests they read their new books that he gave them and tried to put a puzzle together. Not long after guests and presents started arriving. By this time he was so excited that he was doing little dances as he saw the presents...

Running from room to room opening and giggling with delight at his new toys with Scarlett close behind (she got a few little presents on the side too shhhh......)

Then the rest of the afternoon was spent eating great sweets, blowing out candles and watching the kids enjoy such a great day.

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Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

what a fun day! love the cake....worm farms are the best :)