Flirty Bird began in 2008 while the owner, Michelle, had two toddlers taking their day naps. Flirty Bird was never intended to be a business, it was simply a creative outlet for a tired mother that couldn't sleep through the day. The words 'Flirty Bird' where simply a username that rolled from the tongue easy - created to sell off the hoards of accessories growing in the craft room. After many wholesale requests Michelle took the plunge and decided to make it official and she is glad she did!

Today, Flirty Bird is available around the world and is growing a loyal and large following. Flirty Bird accessories go way beyond your average plastic hair accessories; every piece is handmade with attention to detail and stacks of care to ensure quality, durability and style. You will no longer need elaborate hair styles to get the wow factor, all it will take is a Flirty Bird snap clip, headband or ponytail holder and away you go.

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