The Green House Shop - Cairns

Gayle and Ann have been fabulous to work with on their first order. The Green House Shop will be 4 years in Cairns next month ( with 12 years at a previous location) and going strong with their cutting edge style, more hip than hippy products - but still proudly peace, love and brown rice. A real bonus is that a % of their profits get donated annually to local conservation groups. Check out their website for more information.
What a very cute range of standard ponytail holders including monkeys, Russian dolls, flowers and cherries that they picked out - very irresistible. I have added a picture of my favourite from their order. At the moment I cannot get enough of Russian dolls.

They where kind enough to send me some pictures of their shop - These are the kind of shops I love - lots of treasures, you could stop their for hours and see something new with every lap!

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